Want to Join the Team?

We want to be able to reach more mums with excellent postnatal care, support and community. In order to do that we are looking for women who would like to join us as course hosts in their local area.

What is a Host?

A host is just that; someone who hosts, facilitates, gathers, welcomes, connects and brings the mums and course together as a whole. You don’t have to be the perfect mum or a postnatal expert yourself you just have to care about other mums and want to help to make their postnatal experience even better.

We are initially looking for course hosts in various London and East Midland locations available from September. By becoming a Nurturing Mums Host you can help local mums benefit from a new, friendly community and facilitate local experts joining you each week to cover key postnatal topics.

What is the Commitment?

We are looking for women that can commit to running our 4 week courses in their local area on a freelance basis receiving a share of the profit from each course. You need to have time outside of these sessions to organise and arrange your upcoming courses, including time to advertise and reach out to local mums and businesses – but this can all be done at your own pace and in your own free time.

What Next?

If you are interested and think you would make a great addition to the team fill in the contact form below or send me an email at hello@nurturingmumsuk.com to take the next step.

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