The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

Nurturing Mums - The Little Book Of Self Care For New MumsBook Review – The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

What better book to start our book review series with than this little postnatal wonder by Beccy Hands and Alexis Stickland. I read this in the weeks after having my littlest and would definitely recommend it to any new mum.

The Authors

Alexis is a midwife, antenatal teacher and mother of three who has over 12 years experience working with new mums. Beccy is a doula and a remedial massage therapist, I hear her postnatal massages are a thing of beauty!


This totally approachable, readable book covers all things that new mums think about, go through and have questions about. With a really clear structure that you can dip in and out off as needed and little go to recipes for smoothies and cooling breast pads, this book shines a light on all aspects of postnatal recovery. Throughout there are also lovely illustrations by Kay Train (formally Barker) that keep this book very visually appealing and relatable.


This is the perfect book to dip into during the night time feeds and time in bed in the weeks after having your baby. Perfect as a little gift for any new mum or to purchase in the last few weeks of your pregnancy to help feel prepared and empowered for your postnatal period.

Best Bits

No new mum wants to sit down and consume a wordy, judgemental parenting book, who has time for one of those? This book is nothing like that it’s informative and focused on the mum instead of the baby. Maybe rightly so, babies can often be the main focus of many avenues of support but this book shows the need for mum to receive that support in their recovery as well. They also tell it how it is and don’t gloss over some of the more unspoken recovery elements after having a baby. It’s uplifting and you finish feeling like you aren’t the only one going through these things and that it’s more than ok to spend sometime thinking about how you are doing.

Be mindful of…

Some chapters would be brilliant to read while still pregnant and will be super helpful to set expectations before day one but some of the other sections are best left to read once you have had your baby and you can see what it’s like for you. In the end you sometimes need to focus on one thing at a time and labour is a pretty important first step.

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