From Man to Dad

Now move aside mums, I mean it’s not like you have grown a human inside you, birthed it and now are trying to do everything in your power to keep this baby alive…as Fathers Day comes around lets take a moment to think about all the dads and dads to be. How will they ever evolve into their dad mode?

I mean there may be small changes to note at first, the sudden interest taken in the makes and models of prams, describing them like his next sports cars. Or it could be the extra sniff of the head of your friends newborn but I might be so bold as to say there could be three colossal shifts as they process this mega move from the man they once were to the dad they are destined to become…

*Warning these may not affect all men but if there are other shifts found in your household we should all feel a duty to share and warn others*(Photo credit


Good Jokes to Dad Jokes

I mean reflecting back your guy was that guy who could make you and all your friends laugh hysterically. In the dating game he was the perfect mix of humour and fun, sometimes having that knack of being able to make you laugh even when you were trying really hard to be serious. Now as a dad he will still have that ability but it’s like he’s grown a new type of humour overnight, the kind that makes ‘dad jokes’. Even the simplest of tasks such as grabbing your morning coffee can become an opportunity, “Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.” Insert cringe here. “I’ll call you later. Don’t call me later, call me Dad.”


Party Animal to 9pm Bedtime

He has those stories of the nights that went on till morning and that one weekend of party – bar – nightclub – bar – house party – extreme hangover and he tells them with much pride when talking about the achievements of his twenties. You wait, once that dad gene kicks in he will be firmly in the 9pm bedtime crew, the crew that knows the true value of sleep and that little people love to break that gorgeous solid sleep you once enjoyed so much. The crew that understands that having a hangover and looking after little people is pretty much impossible and requires copious amounts of coffee, drive thru and CBeebies and is ultimately not worth it. (Photo credit This Mama Does – Daddy Milestone Cards)


Tough guy to cuddle king

The guy that used to be the lads lad and the first to suggest the table furthest away from the family also enjoying a meal out. The man who would only watch murder dramas and couldn’t care less about the Great British Bake Off. May now be quite the opposite, prone to the welling up of tears at a simple ‘I love you’ from his daughter. He may now be the first one to offer cuddles and kisses to anyone he meets – may need honing just to children if that’s the case. He might find the cheeks of his babies impossible to resist but trust me you will soon learn to love this and your children will soon learn to make the most of his softness.

Just know that if these shifts have occurred in your man once he became a dad, you aren’t the only household that has had to process these changes. Man to Dad antenatal class coming soon… 😉


Happy Dad Day!



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