If you love facts, research, data and you want to see them all laid out and easily compared then this book it for you. Emily is so trustworthy in her field and is an honest and fact driven voice in a sometimes confusing parenting world.

Book Review

This book is for those that want the facts. Conversationally written but with hours and hours of research behind it, Emily (an economist) makes wading through parenting decisions incredibly easy.

Nurturing Mums - Cribsheet Book
The Author

Emily Oster is a mum of two and a lecturer of economics at Brown University in America. She wrote this book to help parents sort through parenting claims and help parents make informed decisions based on research and facts rather than old wives tales. She also wrote a similar book called, ‘Expecting Better’ which covers pregnancy. (Image from Amazon)

Nurturing Mums - Cribsheet Author - Emily Oster

Ever come across parenting topics where everyone has a very different outlook that they all 100% believe and recommend? Ever heard claims around breast feeding, cry it out methods or the use of nannies that make you wonder if you made the right decision or whether you have damaged your babies hopes already? Emily endeavours to sort through these claims using studies, research and facts in order to create more confident and relaxed parents.


She covers a variety of stages including, the first weeks, first year and from baby to toddler. Very readable as one book but also very easy to dip in depending on what stage you are in and what you would like to think about. Within those phases she covers topics such as feeding, sleeping, routine, vaccinations, working parents, childcare, weaning, milestones and so much more.

Best Bits

As she is a mum of two with first hand experience, the book has a really honest, natural tone that makes you feel reassured. Her background and expertise is very trustworthy. She also highlights general themes and methods of research which then helps you to filter other things you read and hear much more confidently. The topics as above as so wide and so important and in turn covered so well.

Be mindful of

She always comments, as she covers parenting topics, that as always there are so many factors that come into play with your baby and your parenting environment. She allows for that while still tackling the data head on. Another thing to note is that she is American and uses American guidelines, especially for topics such a with vaccinations and education. You have to take it in light of UK standards and environment. She does use research that has taken place in the UK so they aren’t completely separate, it’s just good to have in mind.

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