Nurturing Mums Bespoke

Introducing our bespoke service, after years of hosting postnatal courses in the community and seeing hundreds of parents feel connected and supported at such a vulnerable time, we bring you our Bespoke Postnatal Planning Service.

Maybe you already have a group of antenatal friends and you would all like to create a bespoke course that suits your needs. Or maybe you would like to design your own private support. We are here to ensure that your journey into becoming a new parent is smooth, supported and sorted.

First step is to book a consultation with one of our hosts. This can be done while pregnant or once your baby has arrived. At your consultation we will provide you a ‘On Your Door Step’ Survey to ensure that you have all the information to hand about what is going on in your local community for new parents and babies. We will then use this time together to match support and services to your interests and parenting style. We then come back to you with your full Postnatal Plan and once agreed, we book your sessions taking care of all the details.

Our Core Menu – can be booked directly with no consultation if you wish.

The Core sessions consist of:

  • Understanding your babies sleep
  • Maternal Wellness (choose from a fitness or nutrition focus)
  • Weaning
  • Essential First Aid

Any of our Core Sessions will be on average £120 an hour privately or £20/£30 per person for a min group of four.

If you would like to be put on a local waiting list to join a local Core group session fill this form in below:

Babies Date Of Birth

Our Bespoke Menu – can be booked through our consultation process only

The Bespoke sessions consists of topics such as:

  • Returning to work
  • Using Essential Oils with your baby or for your home
  • Postnatal physio and fitness
  • Baby Massage
  • Many other topics

As the cost of these will depend on location and group size the prices will be specific and discussed within your chosen postnatal plan. You can also add in Core menu sessions to this as well.

Nurturing Mums Bespoke Consultation