About Nurturing Mums

About Nurturing Mums

Our Story

I fell pregnant and suddenly this world of birth support, antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates came to light. I had my baby and…well there were midwives, health visitors, all different and slightly contradictory, baby massage, church hall playgroups, books that I didn’t have time to read and friends who were all at work. Nurturing Mums aims to fill that postnatal gap calling out the fact that postnatal needs to become a priority.

We provide and promote a fun and meaningful community for parents to help banish isolation. We also create a space where you can actually work this parenting thing out in a safe and non-pressured context. All the professionals that join us, to cover various parenting topics, all do so in a non-judgmental way and aim to help you feel informed putting a face to the topics.

There’s nothing worse that googling ‘how to you get your baby to sleep’ at 3am…why not ask a friendly face instead.

Why us?

We have supported hundreds of parents over more than 5 years of running Nurturing Mums. We have little ones ourselves and understand the contradictory and hard to find advice out there. We understand that parenting can be isolating with moments of pure joy and frustration held side by side. We work hard to find excellent local professionals to support you in your postnatal stage and ensure that we host events that are fun, relaxed and non-judgemental, spaces where you can arrive on your own but leave with friends.

How can we help?

We are here to ensure that your journey into becoming a new parent is smooth, supported and sorted. Have a consultation with us where we will create your bespoke postnatal plan.

These might be purely social, topic based or a little of both.

These are our original postnatal courses, currently running in London and the East Midlands. These encompass community and expertise all in one.

Check out our blog for up to date information, interviews, book reviews and much more. Engage with us on Instagram or on Facebook

Are you a birth or postnatal professional? We host networking events just for you, a place to celebrate collaboration and support others who look after parents and babies.

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